About Us

A Magical and Endearing Lifestyle

Since the early days of civilization, man has used a horse drawn carriage for transportation.  Still today we admire and aspire to live in a simpler way.  Hemingway Carriages strives to embellish a simpler time and a simpler lifestyle; one that endears and enchants us, even in the hustle and bustle of today's millennial lifestyle.

Enchantment & Charm in a Simple package

Charming, Endearing, Enchanting

Experience the magic of a horse drawn carriage.

An Event for any Occasion

Memories are made in a moment and last a lifetime.  A wedding, a party, a special event; don't let the moment pass you by.  Book an event today!

They aren't just horses

Our horses enjoy big pastures, brushing, bathing, and good friends.  They receive routine veterinary care and farrier services, along with high quality feed and supplements.  They aren't just horses to us.  They are our companions.